Tips to calm anxiety-relaxation self help.

For those who suffer with anxiety the constant mental fatigue that goes with a whirring mind can be debilitating.It can cause lack of sleep, excessive restlessness, increase stress levels and can spiral into panic or phobias.

Following a twitter thread yesterday on how people keep calm when they are anxious ,I felt you may like to share this easy self help relaxation.

From a physiological point of view people who suffer anxiety and unsuprisingly other mental health issues, tend to have an over abundance of mental energy, which isn’t  balanced with the same level of physical energy,its why mindfullness and exercise can often help, because it destracts the mind back into feeling the physical self and re-distributes the energy from the head to other areas , helping to ground you.

This relaxation/guided visualisation/meditation whatever you wish to call it, starts from the feet and you work upto the head. This helps bring the energy and focus to the ground and centres you in you physical self before reaching the head. I personally use this method because I too suffer anxiety and frequent racing thoughts which I need to keep a check of inorder to stay balanced and healthy, otherwise I get totally unfocussed, lack concentration,don’t sleep and think too much instead of actually doing some of the things I’m worrying about!


So here it is.You can read it out loud  to familiarize your self with it (this really helps the messages get through to your subconscious) and you can do it eyes open if you prefer. What matters is you feel comfortable. You take as long as you need to go from one part of the body to the next, and if your in need of a quick help, skip the visualizing and just repeat the key phrases to your self whilst breathing steadily untill you feel calm again.key phrases are in bold.

Repeatition is key with any technique.You can change the wording to suit yourself, add your own words etc, its not set in stone its just a guide.You may like to write your own version but remember to start from the feet and work up x



Find a space where you are comfortable, and take a few moments to settle into that space.

Begin to be aware of  your breathing and aim to breath in a way that is comfortable for you,keeing a steady even rhythm, you may wish to take a few deep breaths in ………and slowly out to help ground your energy.

And as you focus you mind on your breathing, easily,calmly,evenly, take your awareness to the bottom of your feet, really feel your feet, you may want to wiggle your toes or shuffle your feet around to sense them,really feel your feet in your shoes or touching the floor, and as you continue to breath in a steady comfortable rhythm, imagine your feet are merging with the earth beneath you, you can sense or just know that the grounding energy of the earth is helping your feet and your body to connect with the earth, and as it does, you may notice or feel or see there is a beautiful earthy green light comming up from the ground to your feet, and as it does, you know your energy is being grounded to the earth, its soothing, calming energy entering your body , through your feet.

Allow that image and that energy to build at your feet for a while, and when you are ready sense or see or just direct it , as it rises up through your ankles, calming,calming, calming green soothing all your muscles and releasing tension as it raises up to your calves, calming,soothing,calm green,through your knees, relaxing,calming,easing tension, breathing steadily, calmly, as it rises up through your thighs now, easing tension,releasing tension,calm,soothing, you feel calm and safe, you are calm and safe, the beautiful soothing green is rising up through your hips now,and you sense,feel or just know, you are calm and peaceful, enjoying this beautiul earthy, grounding energy as it rises up your spine ,each and every nerve,muscle and sinue, that connects to your spine, is filled with this earthy ,green energy,easing tensions,bringing deep relaxation, calm, soothing, safe, allow that to spead through your spine from the base, through your middle back,spreading through your ribcage and chest,making breathing easier,much much easier,uptowards your neck and shoulders,flowing now, releasing tension in your shoulders and neck, flowing now through your arms and wrists and fingers, flowing round and back up to your neck and head now, feeling calm and peaceful, relaxed and at ease, this green energy flowing through any tension in your face and eyes and forehead, releasing it,soothing and calming, and the energy flows through the top of your head now like a gentle fountain, flowing  around your outer body and back down to the floor, surrounding you in a cocoon of genlte calming ,soothing,green earthy energy……

spend a while enjoying this peaceful,calm…remember to breath easily,

When you are ready to come out of the relaxation, bring your awareness back to your feet , see or feel the green earthy energy, releasing your feet, and sinking back into the earth, take several deep breaths, whilst becoming aware of your surrounds, wiggle your hands and feet,shake your legs, feel the chair/couch/floor/bed beneath you, and slowly when your are ready, open your eyes, take sometime to come round properly, and don’t go doing anything untill you feel fully alert and awake.

If you do this at night before bed, you may just want to drift to sleep which is fine.Likewise if you do find you drift off before the end don’t worry, you will wake up when you are ready.

Have a brew and a choccy biccy and a nice chat with your mates about how wonderful you feel now ! 🙂

If you try this let me know how you got on with it, feedback is much appreciated.



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