Another Myself


What would my life be like , if I treated every person I came into contact with as a human being first and foremost?
If just for right now I didn’t judge your race , or sex, or age or culture or socioeconomic background, or your choice of clothing or taste in music or what foods you do and don’t like .

What if I let nothing but our humanness draw us together?

What happens when I see myself and you as equals in all respects ? Do I fear you? Do I loathe you ? Am I angered by you ? Do I loose myself to you ? Do I seek your approval ? Do you seek mine? Do we expect too much from one another when we remember we are both only human ?

Is there a need for one or both of us to battle for top position , or knock each other down when we are both viewing each other eye to eye , soul to soul, heart to heart as though we are both of value and respectful of each other’s difference ?

Can approaching each person as another myself , help us both to feel better about ourselves and others.?

What if just for one day , we all did this? How would it affect our perception of ourselves, our morals , our values,our perception of others ? Our sense of belonging or alienation? Our superiority or inferiority , our selfishness and selflessness, our jealousy and envy ? Our hurt and our pain ? Our ability to share what we have with others? Our joy and contentment with what we have ?
What if tomorrow you decided to approach every person you encountered as though they were you ? With your hopes and fears and pressures and stresses and insecurities and pride and humour and happiness and guilt and shame and doubt and self belief and ambition and loneliness and everything else you have going on ?
How would you treat yourself if you met you today?

I actually tried this, and when I truly allowed  Myself to just BE in the presence of another BE-ing there was for me an amazing sense of connection that I d hadn’t really noticed before.It isnt easy to do and its quite a challenge to my own sense of self but if your looking to challenge yourself to be a different way , give it a try.Maybe it can change the way we live for the better.Maybe it can open your eyes to your capacity for compassion and non judgement.Maybe it will strike a few raw nerves and help you re evaluate your present state.Maybe nothing will change. I’d be interested to hear from anyone who tries this and what their experiences are.Let me know !




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