How relaxation can help

I’m a northern soul from sunny Manchester, a human being just like you who has had good times and tough times.

I’ve navigated my way through bouts of depression,periods of anxiety, stretches of stress ,occasional insomnia and an addiction to chocolate.(still have one).

From my experience of life so far,I came to recognise the pace of modern life is too fast for me. Too much is expected of us, and a lot of our time is spent  on other people whilst we miss out on the chance to fulfill our own lives,goals and dreams. Helping others is a great way to spend our time, but not when we are doing so much for others that we forget to look after ourselves.

Relax4Recovery came about as a way of helping me in my own recovery, whilst helping others to do the same, by using relaxation techniques in groups and on a one to one basis, to help reduce stress,anxiety,improve confidence and self esteem, clear the mind, and find some space to be.

There are many benefits to fully allowing your whole body,and mind to let go and just be, without any demands on you. It helps to lower blood pressure, has been proven to reduce the effects of stress on the physical body, can support in pain relief, improve sleep,reduce levels of stress and anxiety, help us stay centered, be calmer and more capable of dealing with lifes’ ups and downs. Even just 5 minutes a day can make a huge difference to your well-being.

Relax4Recovery  is already helping BIGinMental health in Bury with regular sessions, which people have really enjoyed and look forward too.I hope to take this and reach out to other community groups and individuals to help make a positive difference to everyone who wishes to take part.

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